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Major Key Issues

In efforts to keep things loading fast we created a separate page just for Major Key Issue comic books. The Comic Book Guide™ does its best to stay up-to date. Sometimes the Minor Key First Appearances become a Major Key Issue.

The Comic Book Guide

One of the easiest ways to get bang for your buck is to invest in some modern comic books. You can literally find these comics to invest in for cover price at your local comic book shop or pre-order them online through any number of retailers.

Win Free Comics

Win Free Comic Books! From Marvel, DC, Indie Comics we offer 100% Free to Enter Giveaways! Plus we all know it is Good Karma to help support each other. That is why you need to check out our Free Comic Book Giveaways Page.

First Appearances in Comics

Find your way through a bountiful amount of first appearances in comic books. This is a constantly updated list of 1st appearances. Many you may have never heard of! Lots of Minor, Mid and Major Key Issue First Appearance Comic Books to Invest In!

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The best way to stay informed on everything related to comic book collecting with post ranging from recalled comic books to insider information on unreleased pre-sale. The Comic Book Guide's Blog™ is the place for all of this and more.

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Comic Book Investing

Investing in comic books can be a daunting task if you do not know where to start. You can either learn from someone else's mistakes and make your own and learn from those. It is no secret comic book prices have been on the rise for years now. Investors continue to flock to comic books as investing in them can and usually out performs the stock market. Here is a quote from an article on Yahoo and Comic Investing.

 “We found that a significant proportion of the highest value comics have been outperforming more traditional investments like the S&P 500 (^GSPC) or even gold (GCM16.CMX),” said Nilsson. collected information on comic books to determine those that have appreciated the most in price since 2008 compared to the S&P 500’s performance. The top performer was DC's Batman Adventures #12, first published in 1993. The original cost of the issue was $1.25, and in the last eight years, it has appreciated in price to $800, making a 26,567% return."

Make no mistake, not every comic book is worth investing in. Trust me, I learned my lesson over the course of 7 years. That is what eventually lead me to create The Comic Book Guide™. I wanted a place for comic book collectors, investors, and scalpers alike to be able to collect what truly matters to them.


comic book first appearance of wolverine in comics to invest

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The Comic Book Guide™ has tons to offer! Scroll back up to find links to amazing comic book investing opportunities. Find modern comic books to buy and make money on. Invest in well known, back issue, major key comics. Guaranteed we have some key issue first appearances you did not know about.

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